Exploring Shanghai via The Shanghai Metro Map

What’s a woman to do with so much time on her hands? According to my husband, I should go do something I love. Take advantage of the time I have in China and explore. Great advice and in early January, I decided to do just that, explore!

Earlier in the year, I spent some time pouring over the maps, researching different blogs, and pin pointing destinations. If you are following my blog, you probably have noticed some of different locations I have visited and posted about starting January 2013. Such as: Ocean Aquarium, West SheShan Bamboo Park, Church of The Holy Mother in China, The Sculpture Park in Songjiang District, and NanXiang Jiading District.

So, with my Nikon D5100 in tow, maps, notebook, & iPhone I’ll keep trekking along the Shanghai Metro Stations and taking a look at both highlighted touristy stops and spots along the unbeaten paths, my favorite! Out of my next 5 stops, I think I’m looking forward to seeing the Jewish museum, inside the old Ohel Moishe temple the most. Stay tuned….





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