Street Food In Shanghai

Quick post to share a snip it of street food. We usually stay away from any kind of street food simply because of some adverse affects its had on us. Earlier this week and with no restaurant in sight, we decided to be adventurous and try a couple of selections from street vendors. Simply put, “Amazing”, and very tasty! Enjoy.





4 thoughts on “Street Food In Shanghai

    • Of the two items, I would say hands down the kabob was the best! Even my 14 year old daughter thought it was delicious. That’s a lot for someone who’s food group consists of 5 things. Ha ha… thanks for stopping and leaving a comment.


  1. Thankfully I have yet to have a bad experience with street food. I typically stay away from the sweet waffles that are served right next to the fried silk worms…and it’s done the trick! 😉 Glad you found some great snacks!

    • I actually didn’t start to feel sick until closer to summer time. Then last summer for some unknown reason I kept getting sick every time I would eat the cakes and some kind of pita stuffed with potatoes. After a couple of times of that I decided it would be best to just stay away from the food. Until now that is, I decided it was time to give it a try and venture to other food items.
      Oh and those kabobs were the absolute best!


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