There is no mention of how the ducks died or what caused them to die. Also, why would the ducks have to be disinfected before being buried and then to bury the ducks in plastic bags three meters underground. Sounds very suspicious. Going vegetarian has never sounded more appealing than now.


China Daily Mail

China Dead DucksMuch like the 16,000 dead pigs found floating in a different part of the river, the discovery of over 1000 dead ducks in the Nanhe has raised some serious questions. Foremost amongst them is how they died and why they were in the river in the first place.

According to the Agence Free Press, the ducks were fished out of the river and disinfected before being “buried in plastic bags three meters underground“. Though the Chinese government has not yet offered any explanation for the matter, it was quick to  declare that the local water is now safe to drink in the hopes of allaying public fears.

However, as The Guardian noted earlier this week, the hogs may have been a consequence of the Chinese government attempting to better manage livestock practices in its rapidly-growing meat industry. Until recently, illegal butcher shops would buy dead pigs from…

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Charly The Stone Carver – Shanghai China

A few weeks ago my young friends Kevin & Brian had mentioned seeing a stone carving artist in the W. Nanjing area. Since today was such a gorgeous day we decided to venture out to that area and explore. We took Metro Line #2 to W. Nanjing and exited through Exit #2. Then a quick left at the exit and a 10 minute walk and we arrived at a market. A haggle market at that. Don’t worry, if you try to find it look for the Burger King on the left side. The BK is your land mark and your clue that you have arrived.

This post is not about the haggle market and all the goodies you can find there. Rather it’s about an amazing artist, Charly Wang, located on the 2nd floor. Charly is a stone sculptor and carver. He preserves photo’s by carving the image into a piece of marble. I took 2 pictures with my iPhone to share here. You can view additional pieces of work on his Facebook page here. His artwork is very reasonable and can have a carving of 6 people done in under a week. A great unique and artistic skill! Enjoy.

IMG_3283 IMG_3284


Environmental Celebration – Shanghai China

These ladies put on a good show during an environmental celebration where encouragement to help protect the environment and being less wasteful was the key message. I stumbled on the celebration during a recent visit on Metro Line 2 Weining Rd., I was actually looking for the Library when I heard the music and decided to take a look.

A fun post to spread the cheer. Talented ladies!


Rapeseed Plants – Luxu, China

Walk around Luxu and you see patches of Rapeseed plants all over. This plant is a member of the weed family we call mustard weed back home. I did a little research on this plant and have found conflicting information; therefore, I will not have facts for this post. I will say though that after reading the many articles on the product I’m so glad we cook with Olive Oil. It is also quite obvious that we need more concise information on, “Monsonto”. For  a great video on Monsonto please go here.

My main objective is to share the photo’s of a plant that is intentionally cultivated in this area. Where back home in Michigan/Indiana, we remove all evidence of this weed ever being present in our back yards. Quite frankly, the weed is a nuisance to  me.


Shanghai Wild Animal Park – China

Want to see an amazing park in Shanghai? Then take the time to visit the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, it’s one of the best Zoo like park’s I’ve ever been to. The grounds were clean, neat, & with the exception of a few animals, most of the animals appeared to be well taken care of. Be warned though, the trip to get there is long.

Shanghai metro line 2, stop at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park and leave the station from exit #5. Jump on a bus heading to Wild Animal Park (approximate 40 minute ride) and you’ve arrived! The park is located in Sanzao Town in Nanhui District, about 35 kilometers from the city center. The cost to get in was a bit steep at 130 RMB per person.

The park doors opened in 1995 featuring over  200 rare animals and over 20,000 animals in total. The park sits on 153 hectares (a little over 378 acres). Aside from looking and learning about the animals there are also a few shows you can take in, an amusement park to enjoy, and a few animals to ride.

The following are just a few pictures I was able to capture on this trip. Stay tuned as I plan to take my children out there and definitely shoot more photo’s. Enjoy!

Have you been to the Shanghai Wild Animal Park? If so, what did you think about it?


Reaching Holland Town in Shanghai China

A 40 minute bus ride from Fenhu and I’ve reached Hongqiao Railway Station. I hop on the metro for another 92 minute ride to North Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. From there, I had planned to take a taxi to Holland Town one of Shanghai‘s New Towns. With my taxi card ready and handy to show the driver where I want to go, I wait for a taxi. IMG_3156

The roads are not as busy as I’m used to seeing in Shanghai. I’ve gotten quite good at flagging down a taxi and didn’t think I would have a problem. For what ever reason I couldn’t manage to get a taxi. The driver’s would see me and pass me, I was waved off, and it just didn’t seem like a taxi wanted to stop. I asked a young lady next to me if she spoke English and after a firm, “of course”, I asked her if I was standing in the right area for a taxi. I was assured I was.

Here comes another Taxi. I plan to make this one mine. As he is pulling in I start to open the door and show him the information to where I want to go. He say’s, “meiyou meiyou” and waves me off. Meiyou means no and it is pronounced like mayo from mayonnaise. By this time I’m really irritated and I’ve been waiting for an hour. Seriously! Defeated, I walk back to the metro station and do so slowly in hopes that I may yet catch a taxi. No such luck. IMG_3157

Perhaps it was the trip pod bag, camera bag, & back pack I was carrying that scared them off. I don’t know for sure but I’m trekking it up again and this time arming myself with pictures and more than just a taxi card to help guide the way.

As I’m waiting on the platform of Metro Line 6 I decide to pull out the iPhone and snap 2 pictures.

The photo below has nothing to do with Holland Town. It’s just the view from the top of metro platform and I didn’t want to leave the area without at least one photo.