Entertainment on Roller Skates – Shanghai

As the crowd gathers around the entertainment, I manage to squeeze my way to the front so I could have a better view in case there was a photo opportunity. I was pleasantly surprised to find an older gentleman on roller skates. He was gracefully moving and engaging the crowd. Fun day on East Nanjing Road, Metro Line 10.

I love that the skater posed for me and most of all if you look at the smile, you can see he is really enjoying himself. 



DSC_0325Working the crowd while gracefully moving around. I think I would have fallen by now! It was clear the applause was encouraging him a bit more. It was fun to watch!


I believe and judging from their expression, It’s quite possible these folks had not seen roller skates before. At one point the ladies touched the wheels of the skates. DSC_0345

Ok, I’m tired now. Well done!DSC_0347When was the last time you were on roller skates?



2 thoughts on “Entertainment on Roller Skates – Shanghai

    • I agree this gentleman was having a lot of fun out there. I sometimes wonder why we choose to overlook the simplest of activities that derives the most pleasure. Such simplicity and yet we overlook. Why do you suppose that is? It could be because it’s in our nature to complicate life rather that simplify and LIVE LIFE. ::sigh::.. Thanks for stopping by. I’m always inspired by your words. Whether its a note you’ve left or your beautiful posts.


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