Phoneography Challenge – A Nearby Community, China

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge focuses around the use of our phones to take photo’s. Perfect timing I must say! Last night during our evening walk we decided to walk a bit further out. I’m so grateful that we did. Along the way we discovered a community or neighborhood if you will. At first sight, it looks like the remnants of a war zone. Houses & apartments for the most part are abandoned and in a dilapidated state. It does not appear as it could be an inhabitable safe living place.

As hard as it may be to believe, there are people living in some of these houses. Keeping tears at bay we continued on trekking deeper into the community looking for the other side of the road where we will exit. I kept commenting to my friend Tim in disbelief. I felt saddened by the fact that there were people living here especially when we saw children playing in a cleared area. I realize that the people may not have a choice or that these living conditions could possibly be temporary. However, it doesn’t lessen the pain of knowledge that people actually have to live like this.

Photos taken with an iPhone 4S


11 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge – A Nearby Community, China

    • Hi there, thanks for stopping by! I’m wondering how long the buildings will stand as they are before total demolition. Time will tell. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

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