Shanghai Zoo – Shanghai China

Third stop on Metro Line 10 and we arrived at Shanghai Zoo. On the first perfect weather wise day, high reaching 82, we decided to venture out to the Shanghai Zoo. We picked the best day and yet the worst one to be at such a family oriented place. The families were out in droves and the lines were long. But, it was the first perfect spring day we’ve had here.

I say, we are never to old to enjoy and stroll through a Zoo park. It’s a bitter sweet experience with the animals. On the one hand its fantastic to be able to see and read (when it’s in English) the different spices of animals and the geographical location they are from. Then on the other hand, it’s sad to see them caged and out of their natural habitat.

I had my 2 girls (13 & 15 years) with me and a camera bag ready to snap away. However, with such large crowds of people it was hard to get clear and good views. So, I put the Nikon away and pulled out the iPhone 4s. CAUTION: Some of these photo’s are a bit disturbing with pollution and debris surrounding some of the animals. We were not able to visit all the animals due to the large crowds. These are just some of what we did get to see. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Shanghai Zoo – Shanghai China

    • Stay tuned. We are heading to a Wild Animal Zoo in the southern part of Shanghai soon. I’m excited as we are told the animals run a bit more freely there within their confines of course. I’ll post photo’s once we go.

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