A Christian Church Location – Luxu, Suzhou, China

The story goes that a man built a church and during the construction phase the elderly people from the church did not like nor did they think the church was being built in a good location. So the construction stopped on the first building.

The half finished building has become a residence of sorts.

IMG_2991The new church location was approved by the Elders and church community. The church stands proudly and is visited by many locals in the Luxu area.



The bible study on this particular Sunday.



7 thoughts on “A Christian Church Location – Luxu, Suzhou, China

  1. Haha, very interesting. Nothing like a building project to test a church’s leadership dynamic….I wonder how expensive it is for them to build there, as opposed to us building here?

    • Hi MisterJames, it does seem a bit extreme to abandon a project at that late timing in the process. We’ve asked lot’s of questions on why it was not stopped sooner, why its not a good location, etc.. No answers. But that’s to be expected as the lady that was affiliated with the church has since gone back to the states.

      We see massive construction all around China. I’m sure the cost to build here would be less expensive than in the US if building with U.S. currency as the exchange was 6.25RMB to ever $1.00 the last time I checked.

      All in all mainland China is not all that bad. They are trying fast and furious to keep up with the world and doing it at such a fast paced that so much gets left behind unfinished. Now, Hong Kong, is totally different, we LOVED Hong Kong. It’s just beautiful there!!

      More than you probably wanted to hear, sorry. Have a fabulous weekend.


      • I like copious discussion, don’t worry. It does seem odd, the stop and restart, but perhaps with the pace of development the thought of selling a partial building wasn’t as ridiculous as it might be in the u.s.

    • We’ve asked the same question many times. ha ha… No clear cut answer has ever been given. I will say that they (the church) takes the Elders and their thoughts pretty seriously. I was surprised at the number of Christians in this small rural community. I have attended the church a couple of times with another friend and on both visits the church was pretty full.

      I’m curious as to what a house in an old house would be like. I’ll have to look that up. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. I’m looking forward to visiting you Blog as well.


  2. Beautiful church. I just wish they also finish the first one or perhaps made it into something else. They say, it’s not the building that makes up a church but the people united together with one faith and heart.

    • Thanks Island Traveler, I like what you said, ‘the people united together with one faith and heart”, if only we could do the same outside of church in our own country. Hope all is well in your beautiful State. We are heading that way in July!!.. šŸ™‚


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