Charly The Stone Carver – Shanghai China

A few weeks ago my young friends Kevin & Brian had mentioned seeing a stone carving artist in the W. Nanjing area. Since today was such a gorgeous day we decided to venture out to that area and explore. We took Metro Line #2 to W. Nanjing and exited through Exit #2. Then a quick left at the exit and a 10 minute walk and we arrived at a market. A haggle market at that. Don’t worry, if you try to find it look for the Burger King on the left side. The BK is your land mark and your clue that you have arrived.

This post is not about the haggle market and all the goodies you can find there. Rather it’s about an amazing artist, Charly Wang, located on the 2nd floor. Charly is a stone sculptor and carver. He preserves photo’s by carving the image into a piece of marble. I took 2 pictures with my iPhone to share here. You can view additional pieces of work on his Facebook page here. His artwork is very reasonable and can have a carving of 6 people done in under a week. A great unique and artistic skill! Enjoy.

IMG_3283 IMG_3284


2 thoughts on “Charly The Stone Carver – Shanghai China

  1. how much would it cost me to have a carving of you, Mike and the girls done. I have no pictures of you and would love to have one.

    • Aww you really don’t? Well, I’ll have to remedy that as soon as possible sis! Wow! I’m sorry.

      A picture of you and the family or of up to 6 people run’s close to 1,200 RMB about $200 USD.

      I was actually thinking of having a portrait done of your parent’s. Mike loved the idea and so now I just need a photograph. Do you have one online? If so, please forward.

      Love and miss you Sis!

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