In Search Of Daqudang Park – Luxu China

The weather was perfect on Sunday morning. We had decided that we would attempt a long ride on this day with such perfect weather and that I would pick the destination. I’ve been wanting to find a park called Daqudang Park located 4km from the G50 ramp exit. Little did I know that this is the same park we’ve been to and I’ve actually posted about here.

Our route started out pretty easy and not much traffic. Since I was in the lead I decided to cross the main highway and over a bridge to start the hunt for the park I so desperately wanted to find.  After riding a few miles it was quite clear we were not going to find the park; however, there was a ton of traffic and everyone was moving in what appeared to be the same direction. Me being who I am, I was curious and decided to follow along to see where everyone was going.

Without even trying we found a large temple. Oh boy! The road was busy and the traffic jam was comical. As you will see from the pictures the traffic jam included vehicles and bikes of all kinds. My husband who does not like a large crowd took the side marshy area to get out of the jam. I thought, “no way man, I’m staying here”! I just wanted to be a part of the crowd and perhaps capture a picture or two. Nice!

Although I didn’t take a picture, the temple is pretty large and the incense very strong. Some people were wearing a white robe, a head covering, or a white sash around the waist. Most of everyone we saw had a bag of food or household products in hand. Not sure why, or the meaning behind it. But, it was all pretty cool to see. I do find it difficult to take pictures where people are actually in worship. So I chose not to take any.  Enjoy!



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