Handmade Straw Mats – Zhou Zhuang China

Look closely at the picture and take note of the handmade loom the gentleman is using. As I watched him work I wondered how old the loom could be. Looking around his shop and the many products we saw, it’s obvious this man makes a living working with his hands.

As an american it can sometimes be a little harder to purchase items such as a straw mat at 75 RMB each. This translates to approximately $12 USD. When I know that I can go to a five and dime store and pick them up for a few dollars. So do I sacrifice quality for a cheaper price or pay the price for quality items. Hmm..

These mats are truly handmade. The purchase of these goods goes to help support a family (I’m assuming). I for one would rather buy an item that has been handmade and durable vs. a manufactured item that was made in mass. I support crafters and will pay a fair price for handmade goods.

What about you, do you like handmade goods?

IMG_3516 IMG_3515 IMG_3517

One thought on “Handmade Straw Mats – Zhou Zhuang China

  1. I love handmade goods. I have a tendency to think 99.9% of the time that I can make something just as well as someone else can. 98.9% of the time I’m proven wrong, and then I just have a greater appreciation for the person who had the skills to make something so perfectly.

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