Visible Trials –


Visible Trials -

My heart fills with compassion for this woman I don’t even know. At different points in our lives we have all gone through trials and tribulations. I wonder what her’s could have been. What’s her story? If only I spoke the language.

This photo stirs compassion and gratitude in my heart. It is also out of focus a bit. Photo taken in Hangzhou, China.

An Overwhelming Number of People – China

I love to travel, explore, & experience new things and places. However, there are times such as today, when I miss the solitude of space. The smell of a fresh mowed lawn, a camp fire, or even the sound of the obnoxious air boat that flies by.  Today, I miss being able to jump in my car and go to the grocery store to purchase supplies. Instead, I must plan a 45 minute bus ride, a 15-20 minute subway ride, and a 20 minute walk to get to City Shop. A long trip to get some sour cream, cottage cheese, & salami. Enough of my self pity party!

In China, the one thing you will discover is that you are always surrounded by people. The only way to get some solitude is to stay cooped up in your apartment. Even then, the smells and the constant constructions is a firm reminder that you’re not alone. Ha! There is just an overwhelming amount of people in this country. Today, I thought I would share a few snap shots I have taken of crowds. Most of these photo’s were taken on a weekend. But, weekday’s are no better as there is still lot’s of people everywhere.

Even in this blah mood I seem to be in, I must admit, I LOVE CHINA!

An Ice Cream Burrito in Hangzhough, China

Why yes of course what else can it be but an ice cream burrito! This simple and scrumptious dessert was incredible and oh so yummy. The only thing I don’t know for sure is if the wrap was a phyllo roll out or something similar. I’m going to somehow try this one at home and I’ll take it a step further by adding a drizzling of chocolate to the center as well. Can you hear the chocolate angel’s now? ha ha.. Have you ever had a dessert such as this? Click through the photo’s for descriptions. Enjoy!


West Lake, Hangzhou China

According to China Highlights, Marco Polo called Hangzhou: “without doubt the finest and most splendid city the world.” It has also been chosen as one of China’s National Parks. Our trip to Hangzhou was a quick one day trip specifically to visit West Lake. We loved the  city! It was easy to get around and the lake was fantastic. We took a G train and arrived in roughly an hour. From the train station we took a local bus to the lake.

I don’t really have one specific place I would say was better than another as we really, really enjoyed the leisure pace of our trip. If you live in Shanghai or visiting, a trip to Hangzhou would be an enjoyable excursion. Enjoy the following photo’s!

Rostrum of Buddha’s Feet – Wuxi China

For what ever reason, every time I look at these photo’s I’m reminded of the story in the Bible Matthew 9:20-22. I’m not sure that there is any correlation between the story in my Bible and the Buddha‘s feet print. It’s strange though, that I would think of that story. I was not even planning on writing anything in other than the description but felt moved to share.

1 Buddha's Feet


We all have our God to worship, whether that’s the image of our Lord Jesus Christ or the Buddha’s this culture so firmly believe in. As I looked at all the coins thrown into the feet impression of the Buddha, I wonder if every coin represents a prayer or a wish, dream, or a hope of something to be. I read that many will worship on their knees in this spot as well.


The following is the information found on the description plaque by the feet print. 

It is said that the feet print left by the Buddhist ancestors before Nirvana for his disciples is the sacred site worshiped by Buddhists for thousands of years. The Buddha‘s feet worshiped at Lingshan’s Rostrum of Buddthew ah’s Feet are 1.2 meters long and 0.6 meter wide. The bottom of the feet is flatly full, with five toes on the same level. The Buddhist ancestors propagated Buddhism for fifty years in his life, traveling through. 




Mind Cleansing Pond – Wuxi, China


Mind Cleansing Pond - Wuxi, China

I’ll be sharing a few more photo’s from our trip to Wuxi in the next couple of posts. The following is the description of the Mind Cleansing Pond as found on the yellow stand next to it.

Everybody’s soul is quiet and light in Buddhism Originally. Our Soul is changed by dust contamination in the world. People would like to remove dust and lead to the recovery of the pure natural soul. Let’s take trouble away through washing hands and make exhaustive change for our tired bodies and mind. Please step into the Lingshan Scenic Spot with fresh and relaxed status.

The English in the notice is a bit off, I believe it’s called lost in translation; however, the meaning is clear I think. I have found that in this country, as confusing as it can be at times, it’s so full of rich history. I love exploring!