The Perfect Camera Bag – For Me

A while back I read an article published by Tony, a fellow blogger, from Finding Subjects. At the time I had been looking for a bag and couldn’t seem to find the perfect one. I noted his article and saved the information for future reference. I thought I was going to have to wait till I got to the states to purchase a camera bag as I could not find one that suited Me. Viola, during a concrete expedition through the streets of Shanghai, I passed by a camera shop that carried millions of bags (not really). There in a little tight corner past the National Geographic and Discovery stuff, was the bag that Tony had referenced.

Sure enough, I found 3 camera bags I really, really liked. I sat on the floor with all 3 bags opened as I dissected each one and compared the pro’s and con’s. You wouldn’t think that this much thought and effort would go into a camera bag, but it does. Finally, I pick out 2 bags. I load each one up and compared how they would each feel with my gear in them. I even had the sales ladies involved. Then comes the color choices. Ugh, wish they hadn’t done that to me. Don’t show me so many choices as it just creates more decision making chaos.

In the end I selected the Lowepro Passport bag in light blue. Love my new bag! The ONLY slightly negative remark I have is that it does not have a zipper pocket inside the bag. But, that’s easily fixed with a pencil zipper bag I have. Please read Tony’s review with some great details here.

The Camera Bag


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