Part 1 – Traveling To The Grand Buddha in Wuxi, China

I’ve got a bucket list a mile long on all the different locations we’d like to visit while living China. This past week we decided to take full advantage of spring break and the great time off from school the girls had. One place on our list is Wuxi. Wuxi is a small town about 2 hours away from our small rural community. The spot I had chosen to visit is well known for their Buddhism Culture and town history. On Thursday we decided to venture out to Wuxi and see The Wuxi Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot.

There’s an adventure within the adventure I’d like to share. I decided we would take the bus to Wuxi and experience a small manageable trip utilizing the public bus. To get a picture of what the buses are like, picture if you will, the Greyhoud bus line. So, a trip that was supposed to take 2 hours took closer to 3.50 hours before we reached our destination. This was all due to a family that had boarded the bus sick and was vomiting. Eww.

After about 3.5 hours we reached the town of Wuxi. According to the notes I had taken we were to take a public bus for about 15 minutes to reach the scenic spot we were looking for. IMG_3931I must have read the notes wrong as it took more like an 1.50 hours of additional time before we reached the area we were looking for. The public bus #89 was packed. By this time we have been traveling close to 5 hours so mood and temperament are teetering  on irritation and frustration. Thankfully there was a nice scenery en route to the park.

IMG_3934We arrive at the park and ready to start our sight seeing. We walk up to the gate to get our tickets and Bam! The sticker shock is not only ridiculous but it’s stupid ridiculous. Ugh! What are we to do? We’ve traveled 5 hours and of course we have to go in so grumbling I pay the entrance fee – Adults 210 RMB, kids 105 RMB. Once we were through the gate, I was very pleased and quickly forgot about the stinky entrance fee and the 5 hour trip we had just taken.

In my next post I’ll share some pretty amazing pictures of The Grand Buddha! DSC_0005



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