Part 3: Wuxi Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot – Wuxi China

The Foiling Schemes and Intrigues of Mara – According to the brochure the mural was forged with copper with the image of the Buddha and other celestial beings. Including a few wrath-like creatures, effigies of Mara and her hordes. This wall stands 8 meter’s high and 28 meters across. The mural is quite a site and its own attraction. Once again I was in awe of the seamless craftsmanship that went into this creation. I would have liked to see a plaque featuring the artist name, materials used and the amount of time it took to complete. It was quite fascinating to me.

The Bathing by Nine Dragons – There’s something to appreciate in the craftsmanship of statute creation. Although, I didn’t get it or understand why there were some evil looking figures around the statue. It features a bronze lotus bud surrounded by nine demonic looking dragons. The brochure states there is a water and light show that goes with this square; however, we didn’t see the show.


5 thoughts on “Part 3: Wuxi Lingshan Buddhist Scenic Spot – Wuxi China

    • Hey thanks for stopping by and the comment. It really is a nice place to spend the day. If you do go, once you reach Wuxi, take a taxi. The cost was 103 RMB and worth it. It beat spending an hour and a half on a tight bus with no seating available.

      All in all , thumbs up. Cheers!


    • Thank you! This part of Wuxi is tucked out of the way really. We were on a bus for 1 1/2 hour before we reached this scenic spot. I’ll admit the long bus route was a bit much but in the end it was very much worth it.

      Thanks for stopping by


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