Mind Cleansing Pond – Wuxi, China

Mind Cleansing Pond - Wuxi, China

I’ll be sharing a few more photo’s from our trip to Wuxi in the next couple of posts. The following is the description of the Mind Cleansing Pond as found on the yellow stand next to it.

Everybody’s soul is quiet and light in Buddhism Originally. Our Soul is changed by dust contamination in the world. People would like to remove dust and lead to the recovery of the pure natural soul. Let’s take trouble away through washing hands and make exhaustive change for our tired bodies and mind. Please step into the Lingshan Scenic Spot with fresh and relaxed status.

The English in the notice is a bit off, I believe it’s called lost in translation; however, the meaning is clear I think. I have found that in this country, as confusing as it can be at times, it’s so full of rich history. I love exploring!


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