Rostrum of Buddha’s Feet – Wuxi China

For what ever reason, every time I look at these photo’s I’m reminded of the story in the Bible Matthew 9:20-22. I’m not sure that there is any correlation between the story in my Bible and the Buddha‘s feet print. It’s strange though, that I would think of that story. I was not even planning on writing anything in other than the description but felt moved to share.

1 Buddha's Feet


We all have our God to worship, whether that’s the image of our Lord Jesus Christ or the Buddha’s this culture so firmly believe in. As I looked at all the coins thrown into the feet impression of the Buddha, I wonder if every coin represents a prayer or a wish, dream, or a hope of something to be. I read that many will worship on their knees in this spot as well.


The following is the information found on the description plaque by the feet print. 

It is said that the feet print left by the Buddhist ancestors before Nirvana for his disciples is the sacred site worshiped by Buddhists for thousands of years. The Buddha‘s feet worshiped at Lingshan’s Rostrum of Buddthew ah’s Feet are 1.2 meters long and 0.6 meter wide. The bottom of the feet is flatly full, with five toes on the same level. The Buddhist ancestors propagated Buddhism for fifty years in his life, traveling through. 




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