An Overwhelming Number of People – China

I love to travel, explore, & experience new things and places. However, there are times such as today, when I miss the solitude of space. The smell of a fresh mowed lawn, a camp fire, or even the sound of the obnoxious air boat that flies by.  Today, I miss being able to jump in my car and go to the grocery store to purchase supplies. Instead, I must plan a 45 minute bus ride, a 15-20 minute subway ride, and a 20 minute walk to get to City Shop. A long trip to get some sour cream, cottage cheese, & salami. Enough of my self pity party!

In China, the one thing you will discover is that you are always surrounded by people. The only way to get some solitude is to stay cooped up in your apartment. Even then, the smells and the constant constructions is a firm reminder that you’re not alone. Ha! There is just an overwhelming amount of people in this country. Today, I thought I would share a few snap shots I have taken of crowds. Most of these photo’s were taken on a weekend. But, weekday’s are no better as there is still lot’s of people everywhere.

Even in this blah mood I seem to be in, I must admit, I LOVE CHINA!

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