Coconut Cream Pie -Peru, IN



We all have family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, this coconut cream pie is no exception. Mrs. Dorsie passed many years ago but her memory is still very much alive. Her baking recipes have been mastered by my sister-in-law Brenda.

My husband prides himself in being a coconut cream pie connoisseur sampling the delicious dessert all over the USA. Apart from his mother, Mrs. Dorsie, his sister’s baking concoctions are just as wonderful including the coconut cream pie pictured here.

Pictured here are a couple of fresh pies sitting on a cooling rack ready to be devoured. Don’t they look delicious?


Basking In Solitude


Basking In Solitude

In the concrete jungle of China, I found an empty space. An area where there were no cars or people crowding, no honking or unusual smells. I sat in the middle of the road cooking in the 90 degree temperature. Basking in the quiet and solitude of the moment and God’s amazing glory.

A Time Machine or Teleport


A Time Machine or Teleport

Which would you rather have? A Time Machine that will take you back and forth in time for, “do over’s”, or a Teleport, bouncing you forward from place to place?

Today, I’d like to have a time machine to go back in time to my early 20’s. I’d like a, “do over” on all the damn twinkies I ate, all the midnight ho-ho snacks I enjoyed, all the regular can’s of soda I drank, all the stacks of blueberry pancakes I devoured, a do over on the thousands of Taco’s I had, and all those other snacks I thought were harmless.

Yes, today I’d like to go back in time and start a healthier mentality on good nutrition and exercise. Maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t be fighting this constant battle of adult onset Diabetes.

Today you get to pick a Time Machine or a Teleport device, which would you pick and why?

Photo taken with an iPhone 4S at a local high school.

Huxinting Teahouse, Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai

A famous teahouse in Yuyuan garden located on a man made lake is Huxinting Teahouse. Appreciation of Chinese architecture design and elements is the most inviting part of the teahouse. I’ve been here numerous times and every time I stop to appreciate the building. In a word, its beautiful.

The ambiance starts at the start of the two zig zag bridges leading up to the teahouse. The pathway was designed following old Chinese beliefs. A zig zag bridge keeps evil spirits from following you or making their way to the destination as ¬†evil spirits can only travel in a straight path (<– fun fact). On this particular day there was a man right outside the teahouse mixing different kinds of tea’s.

Once inside the building you’ll immediately be awe struck by the rich lacquered wood everywhere. From the benches to the wall decor. The natural light coming in through all the windows is beautiful. The ceiling lights are decorated with red lanterns and Chinese writing tablets adorn some of the walls. I personally enjoyed the tea pot sets lying around. I felt it was pretty majestic.

I’ve read about the horrid expensive tea and how this place is a tourist trap. Of course it is, it’s location alone should tell you of the enormous prices you will pay. But, I find that there are just some things that need to be tried and experienced. Yes, I did it, I paid 116 RMB for 2 wheels of tea and 48 RMB for a beautiful smelling combination of scented flower leaves. I can tell you from personal experience that I will NEVER purchase tea for medical ailments again! Be careful what you ask for, it could very well have you running to the toilet all day! Enjoy.


Peace In The Urban Jungle


Peace In The Urban Jungle

I love this snap shot. It’s peaceful and calm. The graininess reminds me of the constant rainy days we have here. We live in an urban jungle with constant construction noise, non-stop honking noises, and smells that are at times indescribable. The calmness of this photo reminds of the rich beauty China has to offer.

This photo was taken in February 2013 with an iPhone 4s.