The Durian – The King of Fruits – China

The Durian, the King of Fruit according to Asian culture, is not for a person with a weak stomach. The strong pungent smell resembling dirty soccer socks is enough to keep me away. Although, I hear and have read that once you get past the smell the fruit is quite tasty.

IMG_3898A fellow blogger from, Drive Nacho Drive, has described his experience with Durian in a very humorous and entertaining way. Read The Coprophiliac’s Fruit, here, I promise you’ll find it quite entertaining and just a barrel of laughs. Scroll down till you get to his picture to read the part of the fruit. Here’s a small excerpt:

...At that moment, I knew what it was like to have a rotten, decomposing skunk carcass inside of my mouth. The smell was bad, like being stuck in a small cardboard box with no air to breathe except for hot, humid flatulence pumped into the box through a warm, semi-decomposed pork bung. But the taste, the taste was something unspeakable, something extraterrestrial.

Let me know what you think… Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The Durian – The King of Fruits – China

    • Hi there, yes I do believe they are cousins… ha ha… The durian is like stinky tofu, I can’t get past the smell so I probably won’t try it. Actually, there’s not probably about it, I know I won’t try it…

      Are you heading home for the summer? We’re in the process of preparing for our 11 week stay.. woot woot… so excited.


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