Child sex abuse cases in China prompt concern: ‘Teacher, leave those kids alone’

The Education Ministry has demanded that sex criminals must be “firmly” cleaned out from the teaching staff and that those who help with cover-ups must be prosecuted” In a country where corruption is understood as a way of life, “guanxi”, how pray tell does the Education Ministry intend to clean this issue out? …

China Daily Mail

China Child AbuseSuddenly all kinds of people in China are offering to sleep with the headmaster.

The unusual outpouring is in response to a recent spate of sex abuse cases, including that of a school principal who spent the night in a hotel room with four underage girls. Artists, activists, university students and police officers are photographing themselves — some nude and provocatively posed, some angry and menacing — with the message:

Principal, get a room with me. Leave the young students alone.”

The online campaign — mixing performance art, satire and outrage — has tapped into public anger over sexual abuse against children. It’s a problem in China partly because of a lack of sex education and partly because Chinese society has become unmoored from traditional strictures after decades of rapid economic change and social change.

Attitudes toward sex have become more lax, especially noticeable among powerful officials, often…

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