For The Love of Coca & Natural Weeds – Grenada

I have to laugh at my feeble attempt at humor with the title of my post. What can I say, I love the aroma of coca and herbs in different dishes and baked goods. My friend Tim & his lovely wife Dianne went to Grenada and brought me back some, “goodies”, spices!

I’ve had the spices sitting up on the shelf with my other trophies (a variety of delicious wine bottles) waiting to be used in the, “perfect”, dish. I haven’t found the perfect dish to make yet; but, I wanted to share my goodies with you. The decorative coconut shell was filled with bay leaves, saffron, crushed bay leaf, mace, curry, turmeric, & paprika.



I now have a bottle of pure vanilla also from Grenada. I’m saving this one for my wonderful husband who will be making homemade ice cream. Can you hear the angels sing? I’m hoping my husband can hear them sing when I ask him to make the ice cream. It’s a long drawn out process. The end result is pure deliciousness!


Moving on to the coca. From the delicious rich fragrance I can only guess that these will be the most delicious chocolate balls we’ll ever have! My husband will love them… The hot chocolate aroma that will come from our kitchen will be heavenly! Can’t wait for winter. 🙂


Have you ever had lamb or do you like lamb? A well prepared lamb rack is absolutely divine with just the right amount of nutmeg. Even without any cooking going on at the moment, I can smell the aroma of some good ol cooking!


Grenada is well known as the Land of Spices due to the large number of spices grown on the island. The informative leaflet inserted in the spice filled coconut had some information I had not heard of before, it says: Ginger is used in preserves  curries, chutneys, pickles, vinegar, soups, sauces, gravies, stews, in ginger beer, as a hot spicy tea for gas(carminative), and for fevers (sudorific). It flavors puddings, cakes, soups, pumpkin pies, fruit sauces, stew, pot, roast, & barbecue dressings. And here I thought ginger was only good as that tangy horseradish like flavoring pickled and served at the Japanese house with sushi. hmmm


I love spices! This gift traveled from Grenada to America to China to my trophy shelf. 🙂 What’s your favorite spice and what do you use it in? Have you ever tried ginger beer? Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “For The Love of Coca & Natural Weeds – Grenada

  1. They are very nice friends to bring you a gift that they knew would delight you so much.

    I wouldn’t say I have a favorite spice, but I do use oregano a lot because I like tomatoes in any form. I do however, love the smell of spices. I admit, “Old Spice” aftershave for men is an enticing smell for me!

    • Thanks for the reply! My favorite, I do mean absolute favorite spice is cumin. Fresh whole cumin when cooking some Mexican dishes is just the right ingredient to make the dish. Powdered cumin sprinkled on pumpkin or in Spanish rice is mouthwatering. I think that Garlic is the twin favorite to my cumin. ha! Love the stuff…

      • I like garlic too. I can’t make meatloaf or meatballs without it. Spanish rice…! Now of course since you wrote that I’m hungry for it and will have to make some – soon!

      • I love mixing spices to make curry! Sadly it’s quite difficult here in Russia. They don’t have the same appreciation for exotic spices.

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