A Time Machine or Teleport

A Time Machine or Teleport

Which would you rather have? A Time Machine that will take you back and forth in time for, “do over’s”, or a Teleport, bouncing you forward from place to place?

Today, I’d like to have a time machine to go back in time to my early 20’s. I’d like a, “do over” on all the damn twinkies I ate, all the midnight ho-ho snacks I enjoyed, all the regular can’s of soda I drank, all the stacks of blueberry pancakes I devoured, a do over on the thousands of Taco’s I had, and all those other snacks I thought were harmless.

Yes, today I’d like to go back in time and start a healthier mentality on good nutrition and exercise. Maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t be fighting this constant battle of adult onset Diabetes.

Today you get to pick a Time Machine or a Teleport device, which would you pick and why?

Photo taken with an iPhone 4S at a local high school.

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