22.90 Mile Bike Ride Turns Into A Humbling Experience

What is there to do on a Sunday afternoon in a small community with population of 250,000 or more people? In our family, Sunday’s are reserved as a family day where we stay in lounge clothes if we so choose. It’s really a leisure day! However, there are times when the weather is just the right temperature, the sun is not too hot, the wind is not strong, & the trails start calling. At times in a community this large, and where the population of the area decides to congregate in the center of town, the only alternative of escape, is to go the opposite direction. Use caution on the path you decide to take. 

Our photo’s serve as a reminder of how truly blessed we really are. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t forget; but, at times we need a little nudge or a gentle reminder.

Take for example these two homes found along the bike route. Humble dwellings. I often wonder who lives in such homes, are they happy, are they content, & do they need anything.china by bike 029 china by bike 003

What about our drinking water. Do you ever think about our drinking water or wash water? Do you think of those unfortunate people that do not have the luxuries that we have in the USA. We complain about how stringent the EPA, USDA, FDA, & any other acronym you can think of are in their governing policies. I now thank God we have them in place to protect us. I also am grateful we have people and organizations like the Sierra Club, Surf Rider Foundation, and other like minded organizations that are passionate about cleaning up our water and environment.china by bike 014 china by bike 015 china by bike 013

These people are some of the hardest working men and women we’ve seen in this community. They are also some of the lowest paid people on the pay scale. There is a group of workers near our complex that get a kick out of my poor attempt to speak the language as they wave to me. china by bike 020

One of our favorite things about the area is the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. With so many side farmers around, fresh produce and veggies are plentiful. china by bike 021 china by bike 034 china by bike 009 china by bike 007

As with everything in this world, there is good and bad here. Beauty and ugliness. We choose to focus on the beauty of the area and the people. After all, we choose to be here, it’s our choice. It doesn’t get old and we’ve adapted quite well. We truly are blessed and we thank God for the wonderful company my husband works for who has given our family this wonderful opportunity. china by bike 006 china by bike 010 china by bike 023china by bike 012





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