Fruit, Vegetable, Nut, or Legume?

During our Sunday morning ride we came across this street vendor selling a few colorful and interesting food items. I’m still not sure if I have the name correctly. I’ve asked around and have been told they are Trapa Natan and that it’s quite possible that I’ve eaten it as it’s usually mixed in with our food. Hmm…  At first I was fearful to try them as nothing good comes when I eat street food. But, this what ever it was had intrigued me.

Once you peel the outer skin, the center is like a small tater. There is no taste to it and the texture is a mix of a potato and nut, kind of hard and spongy. Do you know what this is? Do you have any information to share? If so, please share especially if you know the nutritional value. Enjoy!

Lady Vendor

Notice the scale this vendor is using? This type of scale is quite common in these parts with our street vendors.

Lady vendor - Green food

Trapa Natan – I’ve looked up this item but it looks nothing like the Trapa Natan I’ve found. However, it was a local lady (who speaks English) who told me the name. I’ll go with her information until I find otherwise :).

Lady Vendor - Red Food

If nothing else, this item looks very pretty. I love the color!


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