Caught You!


Caught You!

In this photo Mike was taking a picture of the photographer that was taking his picture. I was taking a picture of Mike taking a picture of the photographer. I thought it was quite funny.

Mike and I recently spent an amazing weekend in Shanghai. During a luncheon outing in the Laowai Street area (foreigners alley) we unintentionally caught the attention of various photographers. I’m not sure why; but, I think it had to do with Mike’s jacket. He looked like a tall version of Paddington Bear. Adorable of course! As we were leaving, I saw this group snapping away. I quickly grabbed my phone and snapped back. Ha, caught you!

photo (5)

As we were passing by the photographers I smiled and waved at the folks. A friendly gesture to share the fun and the beautiful rainy day. Enjoy!

A Chinese Hoedown Sunday Bar-B-Que.

Weekends are often time spent gallivanting around town or in Shanghai, bumming it on the couch, or spending time with our friends and family. At times the hankering for a little bit of home, “USA“, hits us all a bit hard. Living in this rural community with not many western amenities to pick from forces us to be a little creative.

There is no better way of quenching those lonely feelings than by spending the day with friends. So, while others were in Shanghai, we got together for a hoedown bar-b-que. Imagine my shock when I was told we were having this shindig using a charcoal grill. Wow! Real charcoal in China, hot damn, I was excited!

The guys setup the bar-b-que spot on the lawn of the park. As you can imagine we got many stares and onlookers. I got the impression that bar-b-ques on the park lawn’s is not a common thing around these parts.

I’ve added, “grilling”, to my long list of appreciations. A list of things we take for granted in the USA. Enjoy!



Motivational – Old Age


I was looking for a motivational video to show my students and came across this one. In this microwave era, we have no time. Sadly, at times we don’t even make time for parents. Why is that do you suppose?

This video is from youtube, I have no idea who the originator or owner is. Kudos to that person(s).