A Chinese Hoedown Sunday Bar-B-Que.

Weekends are often time spent gallivanting around town or in Shanghai, bumming it on the couch, or spending time with our friends and family. At times the hankering for a little bit of home, “USA“, hits us all a bit hard. Living in this rural community with not many western amenities to pick from forces us to be a little creative.

There is no better way of quenching those lonely feelings than by spending the day with friends. So, while others were in Shanghai, we got together for a hoedown bar-b-que. Imagine my shock when I was told we were having this shindig using a charcoal grill. Wow! Real charcoal in China, hot damn, I was excited!

The guys setup the bar-b-que spot on the lawn of the park. As you can imagine we got many stares and onlookers. I got the impression that bar-b-ques on the park lawn’s is not a common thing around these parts.

I’ve added, “grilling”, to my long list of appreciations. A list of things we take for granted in the USA. Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “A Chinese Hoedown Sunday Bar-B-Que.

  1. One of my fondest holidays abroad was spending Thanksgiving gathering up other ex-pats and Englishmen and people from all over–for a Thanksgiving meal in Munich. You reminded me of that! Thanks! What fun photos! – Renee

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