Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy – Luxu, China


Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy - Luxu, China

Rain or shine this couple is always at the wet market making and selling cakes. We’ve asked about the flat breads and have been told they are cakes. The taste is nothing more than a chewy bread with chives. Not bad! The vendors are great and seem to always be in a great cheerful mood.

Fish Sales – Gulangyu Island, Xiamen, China


Here are a few snap shots taken with the iPhone 4s in the car-free island of Gulangyu. Gulangyu Island is located about 10 minutes by boat from Xiamen. People watching or observing is a great way to get to know the different cultures of each area.

Fish anyone? This couple attracted quite a crowd with their fish product and sales. Fish Sale

Fishing Boat

Fisherman 3


The Erhu & Gu Zheng – Traditional Chinese Instruments

This small video was taken in Xiamen, China. The students in this video are playing traditional Chinese instruments. A lovely and unique sound. What do you think?

This video doesn’t exist

This is a beautiful church nestled in the valley of a mountainous area standing tall and bright demanding attention. The cross at the tip of the steeple led us to believe it is a Christian church. The two photo’s were taken somewhere between Aoiang and Wenzhou South while on the train en route back to Shanghai from Xiamen, China.

Church -This next photo is the side of a mountain showing rows upon rows of tombs. I read an article stating that grave space is now limited and sea burials are on the rise. You can read the article here .



These photo’s were taken while on the D train with speeds up to 205 mph. I used the Nikon D5100 and on the running man setting.



First Night In Xiamen, China

It’s the first night in Xiamen and dinner is the first order of business. Instead of going to one of the many fine restaurants boasted about in Trip Advisor, we seek out the local mom and pop shops that can only be found in alleys.

For ¥50 we ate dumplings, steamed buns, & soup. Followed by mom (me) trying the barbecued squid on a stick. I admit the mouthwatering aroma coming off the grill was a heck of a lot better than the swishy squishy rubbish in my mouth. Enjoy!








Archived Photo’s

I was going through some of my archives and came across these shots. Thought they might be worthy to post since I didn’t delete from the archives. Enjoy!