A Tear Over Tuxedo Cake

I was feeling a bit like Ebenezer Scrooge the character in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens’s. Although, I don’t despise Christmas, this year I’m just not looking forward to it. Under normal circumstances, I love Christmas. This year I’ve been feeling a bit bah humbug with the merry season. I’ve been grouchy & snappish with a short fuse to boot. Then I started going through photo’s and found these two snap’s. A joyful tear in remembrance of home streaked down my cheek.

To you they may appear as just ordinary snap shot’s of a cake. A few bad snap shot’s at that. However, to me these photo’s help ease a bit of that bah humbug feeling. Whenever we visit Mike’s sisters in Indiana, we are welcomed with so much love. Sitting in my sister-in-laws kitchen chair discussing life events or lack of, is so heart warming. These photo’s remind me of the unconditional love my wonderful husband and sisters-in-law share. No matter the time and distance between us all, that kitchen table and chairs nestled between the bar stools, magazines, & tea pots, is an incredible welcoming spot. The kitchen table is where life is addressed.

This cake was made by my sister-in-law Brenda who lives in Indiana. A wonderful woman with quite a knack for baking. I’m thinking she’s going to cringe when she sees the display; but, it’s all in love. I can smell the cake months later and 7,500 miles away.


One bite will send you into chocolate heaven!

Pure deliciousness!

Pure deliciousness!


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