My Man – In Aperture Mode

My Man - In Aperture Mode

Thanks to my husband for being such a good sport while I tried out different aperture settings. I’m trying to free my mind out the safe zones of priority & auto mode and into aperture mode to capture the infinite possibilities.

7 thoughts on “My Man – In Aperture Mode

  1. Great photo. You may find adjusting aperture prior easier by having your husband sit in front of something of different colors and/or shapes that are at various distances. This way, as you change your aperture setting (f stop) to smaller numbers, you should see him remain in focus and the background moved out of focus. One of the best ways to get to know depth of field (DF) settings is to 1. set your camera on a tripod. 2. set up objects on a long table in front of your camera at equal distances from each other. 3. Set your camera to Aperture Priority (A), 4. focus on the middle object on the table, 5. adjust the f stop to the highest number. 6. take a photo, 7 change the f stop to the next lower number and take the picture. 8 when you’ve taken pictures of all of the f stops, download your images and look at what objects are in focus at each f stop. As you lower your f stop numbers the tight the depth of field will become. You should also find many helpful demonstrations of f stop training on Youtube (if you have access in China). I hope this helps and makes sense.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me. I truly appreciate the tips you have shared and suggestions you made. I’ll be trying your suggestion of using a long table with objects first to learn more about aperture. Have a fantastic day!


      • You are welcome and best to greater and more controlled use of your camera. I’ve moved from the “P” setting to “A” and will reluctantly change to “M” someday.

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