Daqudang Ecological Park, Luxu China


Daqudang Ecological Park, Luxu China

This photo was taken by my 13 year old daughter who has aspirations of one day becoming a professional photographer. I’ll continue to share photo’s as she shares them with me.

Because of her interest and love of photography, I’ve decided to share the Nikon D5100 with her. We believe in supporting her interests and feel she might be on to something.

The photo was taken with a Windows Lumia 920 phone on Tuesday at 1:30PM. The day was not a very good sun shining day as there was a little smog in the air. No post processing was done to the photo.

Please share your thoughts. Thanks for the support!

Laundry Day – Using Post Processing and Filters

I read an article about filters on the Daily Post in WordPress and thought I would try the filter process on a snapshot I have that I love.

Look at the detail of the photo: there’s rubble, the little house is in a dilapidated state, the clothes line is made of bamboo and being held together and in place by 5 gallon buckets (not sure what’s in the buckets), and there’s a concrete block with two plants coming out of it. The housing to the right and back of the image show a hint of 2 yellow homes in an improved state.

Let me know what you think and what post processing software you use. Enjoy!

In this photo I used the Orton-ish and Cross Process feature of Picasa. By doing so I've added more color to the photo.

In this photo I used the Orton-ish and Cross Process feature of Picasa. By doing so I’ve added more color to the photo.

This is the original photo. Does the photo say much? I enjoyed it in it's original form.

This is the original photo. Does the photo say much to you? I enjoyed the photo both way’s; however, I don’t have the patience for post processing too much. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition- Pork On A Fence

I can’t resist, I have to add a second posting to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition. I had debated on which photo’s to enter into the Weekly challenge and had decided to enter the Guanyin Bridge set, you can see those here; but, I also like these snap shots.

Drying meat on a clothes line, from a balcony, or on top of a car is not unusual around these parts. I’ve seen meat drying on a fence and gate before as well. Usually it’s just chunks of meat, fish, & sausage. I’ve never seen a whole pig’s head drying, this was a first!

Come on folks, we’re in China, there’s no space or a separate drying building to dry meat. Apartments are usually shared by multiple families or groups to save on expenses. So, the people look for creative way’s to do things. Hanging meat wherever there is space and away from our 4 legged creatures is quite common. Enjoy!

Pork Head 1

Pork Heads

Guanyin Bridge – Luxu China

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Juxtaposition, an awesome topic that really had me thinking. I took my friend Tim on a walk to find a subject that would fit this week’s challenge. He suggested the bridge that had the tree growing out of it, the Guanyin Bridge.

This bridge is found in the old part of our village, we refer to it as Old Luxu. The bridge was rebuilt in 1770 during the Qianlong Emperor era. The people collected money to rebuild by having fundraisers. The bridge is named after the statue Guanyin that sits in a temple north-west of this bridge.

Even in the depressing condition that the bridge is in, you can still see the magnificent beauty it once was. A rich part of history.

My only regret is that I did not pay attention to the lens I had on my camera and walked out the door with a 35mm lens. Ugh! Lessons learned. Enjoy.

Where Did the People Go?

The park around our little lake here is usually bombarded with people. This park attracts many and if it’s not raining it’s crowded. On Saturday, January 25th we took a walk around the lake. The smog was heavy and according to the Shanghai Air Pollution index or the http://aqicn.org/city/shanghai/ the levels were much lower than that in December, the reading was 255 when I checked.

I thought it was strange that on this particular day the park was virtually empty of pedestrians. I realize that the Chinese New Year migration has started; however, we have never noticed the park being so empty.

Where did the people go? Was it the smog or the Chinese New Year Migration?

Street Food: Purple Passion Fruit

We found many side vendors selling passion fruit. A strange and aromatic fruit with a gel like substance that is tart and a sweet after taste. Not bad say’s my friend, it taste and feels a little like pomegranate. These snap shots (not good ones) were taken as an after thought.

Gulangyu Island off of Xiamen offered a nice variety of different foods and views to enjoy.

Passion Fruit 1

The vendor would cut off the tops of the fruit and insert a small straw in the center. Unlike other fruits, this one can be drank. 🙂
Passion Fruit 2We’ve come across different fruits and veggies in our travels. I often wonder if we have missed these items in the USA, are they available? When I shop in a grocery store back home I’m so honed in to what I need and shop with intent that I don’t look to see what else is available and what I could be missing.



Street Food: Quail Eggs & Shrimp

Street food is always a mystery to me. I love to find different street food vendors who sell strange and unusual items. The food often smells mouth watering delicious. However, I’ve often found the smell does not match up to what I believe the food should look like. I’m very visual. If I don’t like what I see, I just don’t taste it no matter how good it smells. Simple!

During our trip to Gulangyu Island Xiamen, we bumped into a small crowd lined up to a corner food stand. As curious as I am, I followed the crowd to the front of the line to discover what the fuss was all about. Ha! It smelled good and looked good that is until I saw the bucket of quail eggs and the cook cracking the little eggs into each little poached egg cup. My interest in sampling the food stopped there. Looking back, I wish I had tasted the quail and egg dough ball thing, darn, hope I didn’t miss much. Enjoy!

The small bucket of quail eggs was sitting to the back. I'm glad I saw it. I do wonder if I had not seen the bucket would I have tried the dish. Hmmm

The small bucket of quail eggs was sitting to the back. I’m glad I saw it. I do wonder if I had not seen the bucket would I have tried the dish. Hmmm

These smelled so good. Does anyone know what they are called?

These smelled so good. Does anyone know what they are called? The way each dish would sponge up into like a dough ball was really interesting. 

This line of people were in line for the Quail eggs & shrimp.

This line of people were waiting their turn for the Quail eggs & shrimp. Off the subject, I love the lady with the brown granny square wrap, beautiful!