My Would Be New Ride

In this little town, we walk. We walk everywhere within in a 2 mile radius. We walk to the only good grocery store, TESCO, we walk to the bank, to the wet market, to the computer store, etc. point being, we walk. In case you didn’t catch that, we walk a lot.

On one of those treks, I saw one of these cuties fly by. The image flew by me and I was immediately enamored with the idea of owning one. A few mornings ago, I had my husband take a walk with me to the vendor who so proudly was displaying his goodies. These scooters seat up to 3 people. Perfect! The girls and I could use it for school. Of course the part of this flyer showing 3 men on the scooter is a bit deceiving.Sure, three people fit but it has to be 3 very small people. That rules me out! But, I wouldn’t be in the back seat, right? I’d be the driver, perfect!Flyer


The black one with the painted flames is gone and so is the red one. With limited choices I was immediately drawn to the pink one. It’s cute don’t you think? Do you see the price, it’s only 6,800 RMB, that’s roughly $1,133

The New rides


Of course they don’t look like I thought in terms of size. I had the flyer, I had seen the pictures, but had hoped they were bigger. Doesn’t matter, I’m loving these little bikes. I’m checking them out, opening and closing doors, sitting in them, you know I’m trying it all out. Can’t wait, I’m getting one… yay me!

The New Ride 2


After all that whining, fussing, and excitement, I was so incredibly disappointed to learn the darn things are electric. Ugh! I don’t want an electric scooter. They wouldn’t make it to school and back to our apartment on one charge, or would they? Hmm.. doesn’t matter though, I refuse to buy an  electric scooter. My greatest fear is that It would lose charge and we would be stranded which would be no big deal if our phones kept a charge and didn’t die randomly.


The New Ride 3


Like a petulant child who didn’t get her toy, I walked away with a pout. The discussion on whether to get one or not is over. Guess we’ll keep walking. No problem walking is good for the heart right?


2 thoughts on “My Would Be New Ride

  1. They are sooooo cute! I’m pretty small so I would have plenty of room:) I’ve considered buying a pink scooter to buzz around town but haven’t yet. I walk a lot, too. It’s great for exercise.

    • I agree, they are so cute! I hope to see a similar scooter that is gas powered. Unfortunately, I don’t think electric scooters are the thing for me, simply because I know myself and know that I won’t keep it charged as I should. I hope you share a photo or two if you decide to pick up a scooter. Have a great evening!

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