Sweet Potatoes on Wheels, Luxu China

Every morning and afternoon you see this older man selling sweet potatoes from the back of his three wheel cart. Would that be a tricycle? Anyway, the sweet potatoes are anywhere from 4 – 10 RMB depending the size of the tater. My confession: I can’t bring myself to try one.

Sweet Potato Man

We purchased these a few days ago. I wanted to make sweet potato baked fries in the oven. You know the ones we would brush with egg white, spice up, and bake instead of fry. But the potatoes look poorly, almost inedible. I think they look like they were dug up and to the market they went without washing. Of course they might look a whole lot better if we wash them. Maybe then, just maybe they would look appetizing. But, as it stands I can’t even bring myself to wash them. To me, they look that bad. What do you think?

sweet tater

3 thoughts on “Sweet Potatoes on Wheels, Luxu China

  1. I love Sweet Potatoes. Back in the Philippines we make Sweet Potato cues which are deep fried sweet potatoes with brown sugar. In America, there’s the sweet potatoes dessert during Thanksgiving which is so yummy too. Happy New Year full everything amazing and yes, sweet!

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