Why Men Avoid Green Hats in China

Long story short: My students and I are starting to cutout the decorations for St. Patrick’s day (planning ahead). Today, the clover cut outs were going well when one student noticed I had cutouts for green hats. A few of the boys put their scissors down and crossed their arms in somewhat of a defiant manner. Through the TA (teacher assistant) I asked the students what was the matter and they proceeded to tell me that men in China don’t wear green hatsClover 1

I looked at the boys dumb founded and kind of laughed and asked why ever not. That’s when the TA looks at me and says: It is because of a culture reason that men don’t wear this color hat. The men don’t wear green hats because a green hat means that a mans wife is cheating or being unfaithful to him. I must have given her an incredulous look because she laughed at me and said, “its true”. Of course I came home and looked it up and found a couple of articles to support what I had been told. You can read one here and here.

Clover 2


After some further discussions we agreed to keep the green hats and as they will make wonderful decorations when we add glitter a band, etc.. to each hat.

Every culture has quirks! 

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