Three Second Snap Shot Story


Is this a story of a barge traffic jam? A story of concrete pilings? What kind of story can I tell with these few shots taken with the iPhone 4s? Perhaps the photo’s just say water movement.

It’s roughly 4:45 PM on a Friday afternoon and I’m returning home after a quick visit with my friend. The early evening is quite crisp and the China haze has lingered all day. I’m coming up to this bridge and I notice the barge’s and hear horns blaring. I quickly pull out the phone to capture the commotion. I thought it was pretty comical that even after the barge went through the center of the canal, the blaring horns continued. I chuckled at the black and white vivid image that came to my mind of the young boy who shoots his middle finger in the air at the bully after the bully is walking away. Enjoy!

Boat 1


Boat 3

Boat 2 Boat 4A traffic jam in the water….


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