Small Broom Tradition – China

Small Broom Tradition - China

This gorgeous young man is Jay, the child of a very good friend here in China. In a town called Yancheng lies a community of traditional people with a strong belief in superstition. The broom that is in Jay’s crib was placed there by Jay’s great grandmother. It is believed that the broom keeps bad spirits away. I believe every culture has it’s traditions, superstitions, and quirks.

Do you have a culture tradition or superstition to share?

Note: This type of broom is also sold locally here in Luxu; however, it is used to scrub pans.

One thought on “Small Broom Tradition – China

  1. You may already be aware of the books, Future Shock. They are designed for visitors to learn about a county they will be visiting. There is a Future Shock: China that has a section on superstitions. The books are well worth looking at. I loaned the Taiwan one I owned to a Taiwanese friend and when she returned it she said that she now had a better understanding about her culture.

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