Street Food: Purple Passion Fruit

We found many side vendors selling passion fruit. A strange and aromatic fruit with a gel like substance that is tart and a sweet after taste. Not bad say’s my friend, it taste and feels a little like pomegranate. These snap shots (not good ones) were taken as an after thought.

Gulangyu Island off of Xiamen offered a nice variety of different foods and views to enjoy.

Passion Fruit 1

The vendor would cut off the tops of the fruit and insert a small straw in the center. Unlike other fruits, this one can be drank. 🙂
Passion Fruit 2We’ve come across different fruits and veggies in our travels. I often wonder if we have missed these items in the USA, are they available? When I shop in a grocery store back home I’m so honed in to what I need and shop with intent that I don’t look to see what else is available and what I could be missing.



4 thoughts on “Street Food: Purple Passion Fruit

  1. I absolutely love passion fruit! I remember my first time trying one! I was a little skeptical at first when my husband explained the name of the fruit in Chinese to me but it was one of those little taste adventures that I will never forget. It tasted sweet at first and then made my mouth twinge with the sour taste! It has become of my favorite fruits that I enjoy frequently!!

    • Hi there C, thank you for taking the time to share some thoughts. My friend also enjoyed the fruit. Unfortunately, I’m not as adventurous as I thought I was as I just can not bring myself to try it even locally.

      I remember saying that I wanted to try foreign and beautiful dishes as much as I could at least once while staying in China. Ha! That quickly changed the moment a platter of chicken feet (actual feet) and chicken intestine was placed in front of me. Now, my rule of thumb is, if I can’t identify it, doesn’t smell good, or doesn’t look good, I’m not trying it. I’m probably missing out in the food department, I know.

      Thanks again, looking forward to perusing your blog.


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