Guanyin Bridge – Luxu China

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Juxtaposition, an awesome topic that really had me thinking. I took my friend Tim on a walk to find a subject that would fit this week’s challenge. He suggested the bridge that had the tree growing out of it, the Guanyin Bridge.

This bridge is found in the old part of our village, we refer to it as Old Luxu. The bridge was rebuilt in 1770 during the Qianlong Emperor era. The people collected money to rebuild by having fundraisers. The bridge is named after the statue Guanyin that sits in a temple north-west of this bridge.

Even in the depressing condition that the bridge is in, you can still see the magnificent beauty it once was. A rich part of history.

My only regret is that I did not pay attention to the lens I had on my camera and walked out the door with a 35mm lens. Ugh! Lessons learned. Enjoy.

11 thoughts on “Guanyin Bridge – Luxu China

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    • Thank you for taking the time to link to my post. Your blog looks like something I need to go look at, you’re right pairing is common and can’t have wine without cheese and or strawberries… fun blog and looking forward to perusing!

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