Daqudang Ecological Park, Luxu China

Daqudang Ecological Park, Luxu China

This photo was taken by my 13 year old daughter who has aspirations of one day becoming a professional photographer. I’ll continue to share photo’s as she shares them with me.

Because of her interest and love of photography, I’ve decided to share the Nikon D5100 with her. We believe in supporting her interests and feel she might be on to something.

The photo was taken with a Windows Lumia 920 phone on Tuesday at 1:30PM. The day was not a very good sun shining day as there was a little smog in the air. No post processing was done to the photo.

Please share your thoughts. Thanks for the support!

2 thoughts on “Daqudang Ecological Park, Luxu China

  1. Your daughter is very artistic and talented. She captured the beauty and serenity of the park so well. It’s truly inspiring to see parents sharing and motivating each other’s passion. Have a blessed day.

    • Thank you, that’s a very nice compliment coming from a man who he himself is a wonderful supportive husband and father. We believe in supporting our children through their passions and. I can’t tell you how many guitars, jewelry & clothes, baked goods, and camera phones we’ve gone through all in the name of supporting their passion. We have a two sons who are musically artistic, a daughter who loves art through fashion, another daughter who at the young age of 15 loves to bake and shows a lot of promise, and our youngest who loves art through photo’s. The kids all keep us busy and entertained, there’s never a dull moment. Thanks again for stopping by. Have a great day!

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