Lost In The Rain – Luxu China


These two photo’s were taken on a warm rainy day during the month of October 2013. The sky was gray and the rain wouldn’t let up. Not letting rain hold him back, Mike decided to go on a bike ride and ended up getting lost. He was on a small bridge when he noticed the house in the distance. The bridge, like many other bridges in the area, had some pretty cool architectural elements. Through one of the decorative openings, he took his first photo. The second photo was from the top rail of the bridge.

If you look closely the first photo has a spider web in the opening. You can see and feel the windy rainy day and the rain drops in the water in the second photo.

Photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix AW100
Somewhere in Luxu 2 Somewhere in Luxu

3 thoughts on “Lost In The Rain – Luxu China

    • Aww.. thank you. China is a beautiful country in its own way. For me the simplicity of life here is the most enjoyable and beautiful part of China. I like to tell new comers that to enjoy China you have to have an open mind, open heart, and be receptive to, “different”.

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