Fresh Veggies At The Wet Market – Luxu China

Photo’s were taken outside the Luxu wet market.  On this particularly cool day the veggies looked pretty nice and fresh. The green leafy vegetable to the back is bokchoy. I’m not sure what the green and purple veggie in the front is called. Do you know the name?

Vegetable Vendor 4No matter how many times I see it, I don’t tire of watching the locals hard at work. In this photo, I’m particularly interested in the method and scale she uses to weigh her veggies.

Vegetable Vendor 2The cost of fresh vegetables and fruits in this area is amazingly low. To put into perspective, our family of 4 usually spends about 100 RMB ($16.00 USD) per week on fruits and vegetables.

Vegetable Vendor 3I am grateful that we have a local TESCO to shop in; however, I am also very appreciative of these vendors that supply us with the freshest of produce and vegetables on a daily basis. Enjoy!




4 thoughts on “Fresh Veggies At The Wet Market – Luxu China

    • We can order organic produce from Fields a delivery service from Shanghai. There is also a store in Shanghai that caters to the westerner.

      Organic’s at the wet market? That would be hard to say. I’ll have to ask one of the translators to ask and I’ll provide feedback in a later post. Based on the sanitation practices we’ve seen in this village, we’re a little dubious of how organic would be interpreted in this village.


  1. Hi Maria, I hope you don’t mind that I linked your blog to my latest post. Even though I’m a newbie–it might bring you a little link love! As, always, these pics look straight out of National Geographic! Have you thought of submitting some to them? Have a great day! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the lovely compliment, you’ve made my day! Unfortunately, I have a long long way’s before I knock on NG door. Share away by the way… thanks again.

      I love to share photo’s though. Sometimes, I see things that leave me scratching my head and saying, “what the hell”, but most of the time I’m in awe of the local people and what they go through for day to day life. If you can stop to imagine what would our lives in the western world be like without dryer’s, dishwasher’s, lawn’s, car’s, or not being able to communicate. While many do have these modern conveniences, in this village many also do without.

      The lady weighing the vegetables, I see the scale she uses and wonder if anyone at our farmers market use or have to use a scale such as these? The clothes on the line, back home most of us have dryers and hang clothes outdoors by choice. Here, (even us) we don’t have a dryer, we hang everything. Until coming here I never appreciated my dryer more.

      Just a little insight on why I post what I post…


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