Waste Management In The Alley’s of Luxu China

Waste Management In The Alley's of Luxu China

In the narrow alley’s of this old town where car’s can’t get through, waste is removed via a man pulling a cart. The alley’s and the life we see here is so different from the Shanghai streets where glamour and glitz radiates from the pavement.

I could sit and watch alley life go by all day long….

3 thoughts on “Waste Management In The Alley’s of Luxu China

  1. It’s amazing how contrast of rural and urban setting, rich and poor creates the most interesting of images. Back in the Philippines, something similar becomes a main transport too. Life, always interesting!

    • Life is indeed very interesting. I share many of my snap shots here on this blog and sometimes I just don’t have the right words to convey the message that I want. I do add a bit here and there but It is my hope that the pictures can speak for themselves. Life is so interesting, we are forever changed from this experience. From reading your blog, I know you feel the same when I say, “We are so blessed”!

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