Snow & Smiles in Shanghai

These photo’s were taken in Shanghai, E. Nanjing Pedestrian Street, one of the largest shopping area’s of the city. What was the excitement? Would you believe snow had many people pointing and taking pictures? In the last picture, I was able to capture the young ladies expression, the simple joy of snow and the photo’s she had caught on her camera. Great timing!

Shots taken with iPhone 4s.

Snow photo 1 snow photo 2 snow photo

7 thoughts on “Snow & Smiles in Shanghai

  1. The iPhone really takes a good picture–of course it takes a good eye to find a good picture to take! 🙂 I love how you can see the snowflakes in the air. Wow, that’s a big Forever 21! Great pics, as usual!

  2. It is nice to catch the reaction to snow. The joy of seeing something you’ve only imagined or seen in pictures is wonderful to capture. It is obvious that Shanghai does not get snow. Taiwan is the same. One year it snowed in Ali Shan and those that could visit the mountain by rail, car or bus were inthralled. I enjoy watching the people and their reactions. Some were building snowmen. having snowball fights while others were shoveling snow into the trunks of their cars in the hopes of bringing back some for others to see. We rode up on the train and the ohs and ahs as the train reached the elevation where it had begun to snow were terrific like kids on Christmas morning or Chinese New Year’s eve.

  3. We get so much snow in the Northern US that I sometimes forget how excited other people could be with a little snow. This has been a very snowy winter which means we get so much snow they use bulldozers to move the snow out of the city. I would gladly share some of our snow with someone else 🙂

  4. Great work capturing that young woman’s smile looking at her photo on her iPhone! Love it when that works out like that! I’m surprised that the streets aren’t more full with people. Are they usually this empty?

    • Thank you, I liked that photo myself. I believe the streets are that empty because it was still early in the morning, we’ve been there when it’s a mad crush and literally no place to sit.

      The photo was taken in the E. Nanjing Rd. area, one of Shanghai’s main shopping hub. The Bund is about 1/2 mile north of that.

      Thanks for commenting, have a fabulous evening!

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