Field of Flowers Award


I always get excited for a fellow blogger when they receive an award and super hyped when I am nominated for an award myself. Six day’s ago a fellow blogger from The Ravenously Disappearing Woman nominated Still-Times for the Field of Flowers Award. Get excited!

Thank you so very much to the fabulous and inspiring writer from The Ravenously Disappearing Woman. Grab a cup of coffee and wander over to her blog, you’ll find yourself fully absorbed in her writing. She’ll make you laugh, cry, cringe, and educate you on emotional eating. Absolutely fascinating! There are two posts in particular that cut to the heart. Her Day 20 post and Day 14 & 15, yeah – read these and let me know what you think :).  

The Field of Flowers Award was created by Petite Magique Poetry & Photography from the heart. The reason for creating this fabulous award – “because there are some people who I would give a field full of flowers if I could. Not just a couple of flowers…No, a field full of them”. Pretty awesome wouldn’t you say.

Field of Flowers Award Rules

  1. Thank the fabulous blogger who nominated you.
  2. Place this decorative award on your blog.
  3. Nominate 7 other deserving bloggers and write a little something about why you chose them.
  4. Let your nominees know that you nominated them.

My 7 Nominees

  1. This Man’s Journey – I have many favorite blogs. This one touches the heart, mind, & soul. He writes so beautifully about life, his life, family, love, devotion.. This blogger truly deserves a Field of Flowers for his inspirational posts.
  2. That’s How I See The World – I love the way NgTom expresses himself with words and photo’s. There is one phrase he has in his about page that I love and caught my attention.- “taking a break back to nature may be a proper way to heal the restless heart“. 
  3. LOOTB – I love to read about this young couple. Take a tour with these awesome world travelers, It’s all being done in the name of Education. Giving back to communities in way’s some of us only dream of. Traveling and giving back… living Life Out Of The Box
  4. Give me 5 Minutes a Day – I need to read a devotional everyday. At times I run out of the house and forget about my devotional until I realize I’m missing something. Not my cup of coffee, not my computer, I’m missing my morning juice – my inspiration or motivation. At times a little humor is all that is needed in place of a devotional. I’ve turned to this blog to find that faith juice I’m talking about. Brad writes about good positive things that make life a little better. Check him out for a good dose of inspiration and a good laugh! Brad, I’m sorry that I forget to click that darn Like button, but I promise you’re touching my heart. 🙂
  5. My Hong Kong Husband – You are going to love and laugh at her multicultural posts. Oh what a hoot… read this post to start to understand why she is a riot! Why you’re dating a white girl? She’s awesome and a barrel of laughs!
  6. Pavlos Zikos Photography – An awesome artists that is truly an inspiration. His work is fantastic!
  7. Living in Another Language – Read all about their life in Korea. You’ll really enjoy her No Poo posts. Amanda is a riot and her blog is amazing! Her writing is also very inviting and down to earth, love it!

There you have it, a good deal of thought went into this post as I struggled with the many, many fun blogs I enjoy and which ones to nominate. I do hope you take the time to enjoy each blog listed as each one is unique and well written.



3 thoughts on “Field of Flowers Award

  1. What a well-written and well-researched post!! 🙂 Thank you so very much for your kind, sweet words. 🙂 You really deserve this award, and I’m so glad that I met you though the blogosphere! I’m going to check out your winners right now. 🙂 Have a wonderful, fabulous day (or maybe night-I’m never quite sure 🙂 )!

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