Sex Sculptures in China – Part 2 of 3

Warning: In my last post I did not approve of several comments and deleted them. The reason for the photo’s is to share in the history of this country. Please refrain from making obscene comments, rude, or even judgmental comments. We may not understand or agree with everything we see; but, we must keep in mind that many don’t agree with our Western culture and history as well.

The following photo’s are more snap shots taken with the iPhone 4s during my visit to the sex museum. The museum has a few buildings scattered throughout the gardens. Some areas are clearly marked with, “no photo’s allowed”, and other areas were a free zone, well at least I think they were free zones as I didn’t see a sign.

Most of the photo’s are self-explanatory. Those photo’s like the marriage bed are beautiful and there appears to be a significance with color and birds relating to the bed. I’ll have to do more research, in the meantime, please enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Sex Sculptures in China – Part 2 of 3

  1. Very interesting! I’m one to find any type of museum interesting. I’ve never traveled overseas–unless you count The Bahamas, but I find studying other cultures so fascinating. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos! 🙂

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