Public Telephone – Old Luxu, China

The evolution of our telephone system has evolved into some high-tech gadgets from the original rotary dial wall mounted phone. I believe land lines will soon become just as rare as the public telephone booths. Is the rarity only in the Western world? Hmm….

From time to time we see a telephone booth or a public telephone system of some sort in this area of China. While walking through my favorite part of town, “Old Luxu”, I saw the following public telephone system. The cost is 2 RMB, the equivalent of about .30 cents USD.


When I talk about Old Luxu, I mean the oldest part of town. This town is divided into three areas. The newest area, which I live in, the old part of town across the bridge, then the old old part of town which we refer to as Old Luxu. Buildings in these areas have not changed and not much modernization has been done to the buildings. Many of the buildings here have a dual purpose. The upstairs is the residential area and the downstairs is a small business of sorts. I love to patronize these local businesses as I know this is many of the local’s source of income. This is a great little area and one of my favorites to walk through. Enjoy!

DSC_0216These photo’s were taken with an iPhone 4s.

5 thoughts on “Public Telephone – Old Luxu, China

  1. I remember one of my old history teachers visited China in the bad old days and snuck a video camera in there. At those dark times, the entire country’s phone system had one thin phone book, one. Glad to see it’s so common now that it’s on a wooden bench for 30 cents!

    • Wow! I can’t imagine this whole country on one thin phone book… lol. The public telephone are not so common either. In Shanghai, what we think are telephone booths are actually WiFi hotspot’s.

      This part of town that I shared, is still very much in the antiquated era. I found it interesting that there would even be a need for a telephone/land line when cell phones are so very inexpensive here, or so I’m told.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a fabulous day!

    • The proprietor actually comes out and asks for the 2 coins. When we were there he encouraged us to use the telephone. Our amazement was not the actual telephone; but, that there was an actual public telephone like this one in that part of town.

      You would have to see it to understand. It’s an old town, with some pretty old people doing things the old ways. Many wash their water in the river, lay out their meats, vegetable, and herbs to dry with no reason to fear theft. It’s not very common to see youngsters running around unless they are very young children in which case the grandparents are caring for them.

      I love to see the people in the area hard at work. I actually feel a bit envious of their simplistic life. I like simplicity very much; but, I have to wonder if I could do away with my iPhone, laptop, ipad, etc… Could I share a phone like that? hmmm

      I think I went on a tangent, sorry. I have a long post started on appreciation and have yet to post it. What stops me? I think I’m waiting to add pictures… lol… stay tuned.

      • That’s so interesting! My husband and I often talk about how we want a more simplistic life, as well. I love feeling connected to people, so I think I might have a very hard time giving up my phone and computer. I love my iPad, but I could do without it if I had to!
        You’re having such an amazing life experience there and it’s so great that your girls are experiencing it with you. It has to give all of you a different perspective on some of the “first world problems” that people complain about in the US!

        I can’t wait to read your new post.! I just got back from spending the day with my friend and haven’t been home all day to check my reader. ๐Ÿ™‚

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