Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

The following photo’s were taken in Suzhou, China en route to Tiger Hill which is nestled in an out-of-the-way area of Suzhou. These photo’s also support the Weekly Photo Challenge of Street Life.¬†What is street life and what does it mean to me? I reviewed my archives as I really wanted to share something from the states. Instead, I opted to share photo’s from this country as street life here is so different.

In this news stand the vendor sits in doors while we browse his selections. There was no rush on his part to assist. I’m sure he knew we couldn’t read any of it anyway. I often wonder if this is their life, sitting in the stand day in and day out waiting for a sale to make a living.


I took this photo en route to Tiger Hill to see the leaning tower. The vendors were all lined up with polished and neatly displayed fruits.


Last but not least is this older woman set up and ready to shine up any shoes. Of course, from this picture you have to wonder what kind of shine can you give tennis shoes or gym like shoes. Hmm… Perhaps the gentleman was looking for a good dusting¬†and brushing of his shoes.


Living in China has and continues to be an amazing journey. We have deeper appreciation for life. Enjoy!