Dear Family & Friends – I’ve Missed You.

It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog. I’m sorry I’ve not been around for about a month and a few days. Life has been busy and I’ve been a bit under the weather. I’ve had a cold/ cough for about 7 weeks now. I’ve been to the doctor in Shanghai and was given some cough medicine and 2 different types of inhalers. I think I’m finally starting to feel better and this cough is starting to subside a bit.

I’ll admit I’ve tried every wives tale out in existence or so I think to rid myself of this cough. Vicks on the feet and chest followed by covering my feet with thick socks. I’ve tried a variety of combinations with honey from honey with cinnamon, lemon, and even apple cider vinegar. I’ve tried a variety of tea’s. Alcohol between the toes and even slept with a wet towel next to my head. Ha! Nothing was working. However, maybe it’s the combination of all the wives tales and medicine that is finally, finally giving me some relief.

I had to chuckle at my girlfriend who suggested I was perhaps allergic to mildew or mold. If that’s the case I’m living in the wrong country. I don’t know of any apartment in this area that doesn’t have some sort of mold or mildew. The building practices here are different from the western world.

Since April 1st, I’ve had a slew of tasks for both personal and school related. We had Easter to prepare for, parents night, and spring break. While it doesn’t sound like much, the tasks relating to each item was to say the least daunting especially when not feeling 100%. On a positive side, we have 6 weeks of instructional time left at school with 1 1/2 weeks of wrap up and clean up work remaining.

Yes! I’m on a countdown as I’m so looking forward for a little R&R and family time back in the USA!

I’ll be sharing some photo’s in the next day or so, for now I leave you with this magnificent view at the top of Moganshan Mountain. This photo was taken the end of April, during a hiking trip to Moganshan Mountain. Yes, even though I was not feeling the best, I had to take the girls on the already planned outing. I’ll share more soon. For now, just know that standing on that mountain top after a long hike, was so very worth it. A magnificent view that pictures just do not justify.

Mountain Top View





4 thoughts on “Dear Family & Friends – I’ve Missed You.

  1. You should try one of y mom’s remedies for cold. …garlic marinating in white rums, for weeks and weeks. When you feel a cold coming on, you drink a tablespoon of that stuff. I think the rum gets you drunk, or knocks you out, and the garlic chases the bug along with your immune system…LOL feel better:)

    • I’ve never heard of that one, thank you! I will file away this recipe for future use. It’s amazing; but, when I feel horrid I’m willing to try anything… Thanks again! Have a great week.

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