Beautiful Finds in Xitang, China

The following photo’s were taken in Xitang, China, a canal water town located in Zhejiang Province. It was horrific timing to be going anywhere in the area as Friday, May 2nd, was a National Holiday and part of Labor Day Holiday. I seriously didn’t know this day was a holiday. Everywhere we went the crowds were a mad crush. Shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, I could feel the child behind me breathing on my neck, that’s how close we were to each other. Ha! I felt bad for my poor friends Linda & Frank who really didn’t get to see much as the crowds were just too big, I’m sure you’ll get the idea from the photo’s. More photo’s to come… enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Finds in Xitang, China

    • Thank you and agree about the crowds, they added to the vibe of the area… There didn’t seem to be much fear in the faces of those near us of falling in the water. I must say that was my main concern, the thought of falling into that water was seriously disturbing, cheers!

    • Hi Ray, thanks for the comment. I like that word “Chinglish”, ha! We see a but of that from time to time, some quite funny. I’ve been here 2.5 years and I still find joy in these little water towns and the locals. I’ll be posting more pics soon. Thanks for stopping… Cheers!

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