Street Food in Xitang, China

Just a few shots of the street food and Baijiu tasting’s. The pictures are self-explanatory; but, the Baijiu is one I’d rather explain a bit further. To me, Baijiu is the strongest alcoholic beverage I’ve ever tasted. Imagine if you will trying to swallow turpentine. Immediately after getting past the smell of Baijiu comes the feeling, the feeling of your insights, your esophagus to be exact, catching fire. If you don’t feel it in your esophagus, you’ll feel the Baijiu as it cements itself in the pit of your stomach with a fiery feeling of hell inside your body. It’s definitely not for the week of heart, sense of smell, or stomach. Ha!

Bajiu Tasting

This was the Baijiu tasting house similar to a wine tasting event only include the fiery feeling as the Baijiu makes its way down to your stomach leaving a streak of fire along the way.

Caramel candy sticks

I believe this was caramel as it smelled like it. This is sold on one of the sticks you see in the pot.

Quail Eggs

Quail eggs, squid, pork, chicken, & I believe hot dogs for the grill are readily available at every turn. The smells are delicious and very tempting.

Steaming Crab - Xitang

I was hoping to find someone eating a crab leg as they walked along but I had no such luck. These crabs look delicious to me and I’ve often wondered how they taste; however, I’ve not worked up the courage to try one.

11 thoughts on “Street Food in Xitang, China

    • Yummy food yes, Baiju not so much for me. I’ve tried various kinds from the higher end selections to the generic bottle… they are all way to strong for me and I can’t seem to get past the smell.

      You must have a steel gut! ha! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  1. Baijiu (White Alcohol?) is similar to what the bootlegs sold in the southern part of the U.S. Taiwan has its Kaoliang made on the island of Kinmen and fermented from sorghum. It is called a wine but its alcoholic content is so high it has to be a liquor. I’ve smelled it but not tasted it. Tooooooo strong.

    • I hadn’t thought of moonshine being like Baiiu; but, you have a good point here. I believe Baijiu is very close to moonshine.

      The more amazing part is that even the ladies can down this stuff like nothing. During a business meeting/dinner that I attended with my husband, it took every ounce of will power not to cringe my face up into a ball and hurl. Seriously, the strongest drink I’ve ever smelled and tasted.

      I love this country and all its quirks… 🙂 Maria

      • We have been to meeting where the news reporters are drinking excessively. This was in Tainan County. This compares little with the huge consumption on the island of Kinmen were kaoliang is produced. There is a high level of alcoholism there.

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