Water Town Photo’s – Day to Day Life

More photo’s from the water town we visited during China’s National Holiday, Labor Day, in Xitang, China. My favorite type of photographs are candid shots. You know the ones where you capture the day-to-day life of a person without having subjects annoyingly pose for the camera. Don’t misunderstand me, I do like posing photo’s; however, in this area if someone poses for the camera they end up making the peace or V sign with their fingers. I habit I find irritating and annoying.

Ok, enough of that… Onward with my story….

My favorite photo of this bunch is the pencil artist with the red shirt. His back was to the crowd and he seemed unfazed by the crowds and noise. I could have stood there and watched him work. Enjoy the photos!

4 thoughts on “Water Town Photo’s – Day to Day Life

    • Oh my goodness thank you, I appreciate your note and words. I never thought I would come to China and actually this country was never on my bucket list of places to visit. Now that I’m here, I do enjoy it and at times love it. Life is simple and good. Thanks again for your kind words.


  1. Great photos, Xitang looks nice.

    Agreed, candid photos are so much more interesting. Posed pictures are okay for sharing with friends on facebook, but if you don’t know the people and you want to set an authentic mood, must go candid.

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